First Protect

AFBA 5Star Life

 Since  1947, Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA), has provided financial  solutions to the uniformed military services and their families. We now  cover all current and former state, municipal and local government  employees including First Responder Personnel  (Law Enforcement,  Firefighters, and Emergency Medical Service Providers); all Department  of Defense, Homeland Security, and Federal Government employees; all  contractors in support of the above; and all their families. 

First Protect Group Level Term Life Insurance

You deal with life and death situations every day. You

are the first one at the scene often putting your life

on the line to protect, serve, and aid others. You have

seen the worst that can happen and the devastation

left in its wake - physical, emotional, and financial.

First Protect group level term life insurance

Think of your loved ones and how life would change if something were to happen to you. With First Protect, you can provide protection and peace of mind.

AFBA/5STAR LIFE... Serving Those Who Serve This Great Nation

Ralph E. “Ed” Eberhart served as Commander, U.S.  Northern Command and Commander, North American Aerospace Defense  Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado.